The Super Saga

Superheroes. Action. Adventure. The fun has just begun.


Keith’s an ordinary guy looking for fun before senior year, but when an old glove gives him superpowers, his life starts to spin out of control….

PART 1: The Glove
PART 2: The Villain
PART 3: The Defeat
PART 4: The Geeks
PART 5: The Analysis
PART 6: The Confrontation
PART 7: The Underground
PART 8: The Park
PART 9: The Revelation
PART 10: The Fall

“Super” originally ran from April 2, 2010, through July 13, 2010.


Elliot’s telekinetic, but when he witnesses a murder, not even his powers can help him. Can he stop the killer in time or will he be their next victim?

I. Twilight Raccoon Frat Party

1. Fluerescence
2. Incandescence
3. Halogen
4. Tungsten
5. LED

II. Geothermal Ostrich Farm

1. Cirrus
2. Stratus
3. Cumulus
4. Altostratus
5. Stratocumulus
6. Altocumulus
7. Cumulonimbus

IV. Cold Snake Memory Charm

1. Igneous
2. Sedimentary
3. Metamorphic

III. Radioactive Kitten Cage

1. Alkaline
2. Lithium Ion

V. Gypsy Moth Fortune Cookie

Author’s note: Sexist Stories and the Writer Within