Sirium 2.1

II. Geothermal Ostrich Farm

1. Cirrus

I flex my feet and my legs feel stiff at first, but after a few moments I can feel the blood filling my limbs again. As the silhouettes continue to float across my vision, I pull my legs to my chest and let my head roll back as the fluorescent lights around me flicker.

I grab a hold of something, I don’t know what it is, and try to stand up. I wobble at first, but in a moment I stagger forward into the long hallway. I don’t know why I know it, but I’m supposed to be somewhere at the end of this hallway. I stumble forward and hit the wall, but I press myself against it and stay standing. I move my feet in small steps to continue moving forward. I don’t see anyone else coming this way. I’m the only one. Everyone else is interested in other things, other places. Maybe I’m only chasing a dream.

I come upon a metal cart of sorts and shove off the boxes and trays on top of it and listen to it all clatter to the floor: the reverberating echoes roll across my skin and tingle through my blood, my bones. I grip the cart’s handle and start gliding forward as it leads me ahead, faster now and faster until I lose control and skid onto my knees as the cart careens to its side and crashes somewhere out of sight. Everything’s still blurry.

The fluorescent lights are still flickering.

As I force myself to stand again, I notice one of the doors here is unlatched. I crawl toward it and push it in. I hear breathing, hurried, rapid breaths. I slip in further, looking around, but I don’t see anybody, not any shadows or even silhouettes. But I hear the breathing, and then something deeper, the beating. Like a heartbeat, a drum drum drumming that overwhelms me. I can’t hear anything other than this heavy drone. I push forward. There’s a bed in front of me. There must be someone in there. They need me.

He needs me.

NEXT PART: Stratus


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