Sirium 1.2

I. Twilight Raccoon Frat Party

2. Incandescence

I sat at the front of the lecture hall, a pencil stuck between my teeth as my professor sprawled calculus across the chalk board. There was a glaring mistake in his derivations that no one had noticed while he blathered on about which axis they were rotating around. Some of these first-years were complete idiots. Sure, they had placed into integral calc out of high school, but high school hadn’t taught them anything. Just how to pass a test. Passing tests wouldn’t help them here.

I stood in the alleyway after class with a cigarette sticking out from my lips. I inhaled a mouthful of smoke and I clung to it like the last breath of a campfire before I spewed it out in a thread-thin stream of steam. Someone walking past, stopped for a second and gave me a dirty look. “Fuck off,” I mouthed in a spray of smoke and he shook his head, carrying on. I could smoke here all I wanted. It didn’t do a damn thing to him.

I stepped into the street before the light changed and waited for the cars to stop as I crossed. They had no other option here, pedestrians always have the right of way, doesn’t matter what the lights say.

In the shadows I ended up on the other side of the street, walking a brick path toward Greek row. Third house on the left, I turned toward them and walked between two three-story spots into a field with a sandpit on one side, the volleyball net long ago torn down in a drunken mob, and on the other an empty pool they hadn’t had permits to keep filled since a sorority girl drowned the summer before. I kept walking until I reached another row of houses, these for the fraternities. Second on the right, I went inside.

“Hey bro,” one of my buddies said, looking up from the girl he had bent over the back of a couch, lip-smacking her until her lipstick ran down her cheek, “what’s up?”

I rolled my eyes in his general direction and strode into the hall beyond the common room. I took the first flight upstairs and on the top floor I knocked open my door–“What the fuck, man?” my roommate said, his pants down and some guy on his knees in front of him.

“Should I go?” his guest said, to which he grabbed the back of his head, pushed him into his crotch, and laughed, “Fuck no, finish me off.”

I kicked the door shut behind me, dropped my backpack on the floor, and jumped into my bed. I lay there as my roommate rolled back, toes curling, howling and grunting to a symphony of slurping and gagging. Finally they were silent and I felt someone staring at me. I opened my eyes and saw the other guy standing over me.

“No,” I said.


“Fuck off.”

I shut my eyes and rolled over, didn’t care if he stood there or not. Tonight was the night. Tonight my life would be made.

NEXT PART: Halogen


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