A Love Poem

Once I liked sleeping in cold beds
slipping between the sheets and shivering
until I formed a pocket of warmth
to sleep in

Now I can’t stand lying in a cold bed
because it means I’m not with you
you burn me to the touch, smoldering
like the embers you ignite in my heart
stirred like the fires of my soul
as they come to light
when our eyes meet

Once I dreamed of having children
raising a single son by myself
and now I dream of all our kids
raising them together
a family, connected
the longevity of names
passed upon the generations

Once I yearned to meet the man
I could spend my life with
traveling the world, every day
a new adventure–to museums
to parks, to city streets
and temple ruins, to our home
our bed, bodies pressed together
listening to all our music
singing to each other, with each other
and reading books before bedtime
then wrapping ourselves in each other
entwined for the rest of our lives
bound and betrothed
and never broken

I yearn no longer
but for the steady beat in my heart
that tethers mine with yours


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