Pro Life

I just sat down in the library after getting sunburned at the protest and I saw these girls nearby who had been outside. I tried to read but all I could hear was her whispering: He told her, “I cum every day, is that genocide?” and she said, “That’s so disrespectful, how could you say that?” So he said real slowly, “I ejaculate semen every day.” We’re all laughing now, and they know I’m listening—but I look back at my book and they keep talking: And then she tells us abuse is better than abortion, and I’ve been abused before, so I ask, “Have you ever been abused?” and she says, “Have you ever been aborted?” and I’m like, what the fuck, how do you even respond to that?


4 thoughts on “Pro Life

  1. Sounds like quite an obscene fellow to say something like that, probably towards someone who is religious (as many N. American / Europeans who are pro-life tend to be). Naturally, the idea that the sperm-meets-the-egg is the notion of the start of life… But using such invective, how is there even a response that can be made?

    I am not sure how pro-life I am, though. But I am anti-hipster. And that guy sounds like some edgy political activist, cynical hipster.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I certainly agree, his comments were rude, but I don’t even know who these people were speaking about–but the story seemed too mind-blowingly absurd not to share. I’m also not sure how pro-life I am (though the labels “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are rather insufficient, really), but I do believe there are more polite ways to discuss the issue.

  2. Some people are just ignorant. They lack knowledge of the common but hidden reality, and speak on something they have no clue about like they are saying something powerful.

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