We’re sitting at the dinner table
we hear the cars outside, the muffled sounds
of tires and engines, life going on
but above us, silence

no sounds of the planes
that used to cry overhead
like the birds in the wood
around our house, now silent.

We’re sitting at the synagogue
I face my Hebrew tutor, singing
prayers while the rest of the world
is praying in their own words

hands clasped before their breasts
cupped across their mouths
wiping away the tears
beneath their eyes and their children’s.

We’re racing down the highway
I’m singing in my head,
“If I could tell the world
just one thing,” oh, Jewel

tell me we’re all okay
drown out these radio voices
the newscasters counting seconds
between those bodies in the dust.

We’re waking up and waiting
for MacGyver to come on TV
Mom’s in the shower
it isn’t even 9 a.m. yet

it’s still before the crash
the collapse
the chaos
it’s still an ordinary day.


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