Of Simians and Canines

To make it funny
they said add a dog-riding monkey
but I wasn’t satisfied
I didn’t laugh
even though they said
everyone laughs
at a dog-riding monkey

It’s like Dr. Bateman said
though he probably didn’t
but I can see the classroom clear enough
always at the front
with Spencer to the left
(peaking over Allegra
I might stare at him
his dimpled smile
his gaze somewhere absent
over there
over there)
and Sarah on the far wall
probably thinking about Tolkien
now I’m thinking about Tolkien
over there
and Dr. Bateman’s playing with the desk again
there’s this lever
he turns it
and the desk rises up
so he turns it again
to put it back down
it never ceases to amaze me
how many times he discovers it
and plays with it
rising and falling
by Rolle’s Theorem
there’s a point with a zero derivative
a moment in time
when it all stops
for a moment
and they call this creative writing
anyways I said he was saying
but I forgot what it was
but it was funny

They told me I’d laugh
at a dog-riding monkey
but my mind remained blank
it just wasn’t funny
until I started laughing
when the dog rode the monkey


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