Married to Monologue

You say the sanctity of marriage must be fought for on the righteous roads of right-wing politics. You say the gays are tainting the tradition.

I’ll tell you what I believe: Marriage lost its sanctity long ago. When the divorce rate reached fifty percent. When seventeen-hour celebrity marriages made headline news. When those who love each other could not be wed.

You laugh at me and say I’m wrong. Then you turn to your wife, your two-point-four-one children and family pet, a Labrador you bought last Christmas. How nucleic you are, how strong the quantum mechanics that hold your pieces together.

I see a different horizon.

Such rigidness is an illusion, a façade waiting for failure. Biased analyses of equality dilute your mind, but I can see better. The world is changing, already changed. To fly with one wing will only lead you to fall; a new tradition is beginning, a new nucleus is being born.

Maybe you can’t see it now, but for your sake, I hope you can. But even if you sew your eyes shut, you should know this now: You can’t keep me from loving.


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