Near the End

He slumped down in the chair, rubbing his hand over his forehead. The blood rushed back to his brain, washing away the thoughts he dared not forget. Was it even worth it any more? Did he truly need this to feel happy? Was this truly what he wanted?

He stood up, knowing that he would fall asleep if he wasn’t pacing. Pacing. He had been pacing for days, it seemed. He hadn’t slept in days. His mind churned with the thoughts that plagued him.

Was this all there was left?

He forced himself to sit in the chair beside his desk. Shaking in fear, he pulled open the top drawer and pulled out a piece of stark-white paper and placed it upon the desk. He grabbed a nearby pen and began writing, This is how it began… As he let his soul pour upon the page, his tears drenched the paper, blurring the blue ink and creating small puddles that were reflected in the depth of his darkened soul.

It would all be over soon enough.

Date: July, 2006
Prompt: In a short 1-3 paragraph story, show the transition between two emotions. (
Emotions: Uncertainty and sadness


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